Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal
Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal
MGR/SlasHerS 03/28/2004

Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal : MGR/SlasHerS's user review

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I first bought a V-amp multipeddal cuz I wanted a cheap Wah-Wah, But I dident like the sound on the V-amp, So I bought what I thougt was a better Wah-wah, Then I bought this one, It was abit better, but now I just think it was the same sound..
Can't remeber how mutch I payed, Accutaly a quite lot..

I like the sound, BUT notice ; I diden't in the start, This peddal might take you a while if you walk around thinking "oh man I want that sound, hmm if I buy a V847 wah wah then it will sort the problem right"?
WRONG! I wanted to song from Gnr - Mr.Brownstone (Solo) I bought this one and though i would get the sound, Well I was REALLY disapointed!

As mentioned, It might be alitte hartbreaker, Cuz it only makes on type of sound, And MOST likely it ain't the sound you have heard from a song.. I have now tested a hell alot of gear, Included Boss GT6, And i must say The gt 6 wah wah is better, WAY better, And ALMOST as heavy :P

One more thing, This don't happend to many other i think, But mine is a litte silly somtimes.. Don't know why..

You know that German tank.. Oh what's it name?? Tiger tank? Well the V847 Wah Wah is MORE SOLID, IT's FASTER, DELIVERS FASTER! I TREW this thing from one wall to another, jumped on it with my cowboys boots, i almost one times burned it, The only problem was the damn thing had WRONG battery , some idiot thought it would be fun, He's face WAS funny after i got to him! WEll egnough, This shit is SOLID, Belive me, GREAT FOR WAR , GREAT!

Be carefull when buying it, Don't say to the retailer , "I buy this one" Try it out, Compare , There is 1000th others wah wah's on the market, You might have to go up in price abit..

Bottom line : OK for some use, Dipends on your playing, AND this goes BEST with Fender guitars, I myself have a Gibson Les Paul, and the sound IS better on fender and or fender amp.s, Notice you are gonna burn on the wah wah, Somtime it will hit you that, OMFG is this a pieace of junk, 2 years later it become your personal buddy.. That's my Review, This has also been seen by my father, Who works in a guitar store, My brother is 35 and played since 13, Even the retailer took a look, And agreed in the most that writen here, Hope this helps!

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