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Thread Help Needed - Charvel CX290 Electric Guitar - Rare?

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1 Help Needed - Charvel CX290 Electric Guitar - Rare?
Hi there,

Hoping this forum can help me as I would like to know more about my Charvel guitar.

I've had it since the late 90s/early 00s and it's in very good condition (all bar a loose pickup that just needs screwdriver attention) - I have hardly used it and I bought it second hand.

It's been sat in a guitar case in my garage for many years as I lost my passion for playing and have recently come across it while clearing out.

I don't have any information about its heritage and from having a look online it appears there's not a huge amount of information there about this model either.

I have only come across one other similar to mine with the strat head which makes me think (if genuine) it might be quite rare.

This is what I know:-
- Charvel CX290
- Made In Japan sticker on the back of the neck
- Badge on the back of the body with official Charvel/Jackson toothpaste-style logo and serial number 366025
- Fender-style Headstock with import-style logo

I understand there were imports made in Japan between 1985-1991 (primarily the model series) however my understanding is that the CX290 was a model from 1992-1995 therefore I am questioning its autheticity.

I know that there are a few fakes on the market and some users have modified guitars by fitting different necks and heads to bodies from what was stock.

If what I have indeed genuine, what sort of value might it be looking at here?

I don't play it and I am considering putting it on the market but I want to know more about what I have.

Appreciate any help you can give me.

Best wishes


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