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Thread Mic for guitar recording

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1 Mic for guitar recording
Hi. Which mic do you prefer for guitar recording shure sm57 or beta57 ???
Can I use these for bass too? :oops: :?: :P
I use a regular SM57 for recording guitar. I have also used it on bass, with decent results so long as the recordingis done at relatively low volume.
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I prefer the plain SM57. If the beta is technically better, it tends to get too agressive high frequencies on guitars.
thanks I think I'll buy it in next few days :D :lol:
The best mic I've found for bass guitar is the Beyer-Dynamic M88. Around $300. I know, I know its supposed to be a vocal mic, but what works is what works.
sm57 price is only 150$ or even less. I think I'll buy it. Thanks
I have switched from the SM57 to a Studio Projects B1 for guitar cabs. It just sounded fuller to me. Anyone else use it? According to studio projects, it takes an spl of up to 132db, and I have not had any problems.
I have found out that sm57 mic is bad for studio recording. It is best mic for live shows but for studio are condenser mics.
Personnally I avoid putting condenser mics in front of my amp. The 57 does the job just fine.
I agree, Shure 57 is the best (without spending a ton of money) for guitar.

II'd suggest a condenser mic for vocals though.