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Thread Miking Techniques for Acoustic Guitar??

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1 Miking Techniques for Acoustic Guitar??
Right now I use a MXL 990 around the 12th Fret about 3-4 inches away from the neck and I plug my guitar directly into my computer so that I have two separate tracks coming in. It provides a great sound for people for looking for a pingy/bright sounding guitar. I was wondering if anyone else would care to share their techniques and types of mics they use to record acoustic guitar.
There is a good article on mic technique and other factors when recording acoustic guitar at http://www.koretzmusic.com/rocksure2.html#tip2
You may find some helpful ideas there.
90 degree stereo pair pointed at the 12th fret, about 4 inches away (small diaphragm condensers, i like the shure pg81's if you're looking on the cheap)... this does a good job of getting alot of live fretting sounds while still getting some picking and a little boom from the body.

I like to supplement with an AT4050 as a room mic about 4 feet away. gives a nice natural element to round out the sound. This is my favorite combo (this week anyway).