Muse Research MuseBOX
Muse Research MuseBOX

MuseBOX, Hardware Plug-in Host from Muse Research.

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AlanForPresident 06/28/2012

Muse Research MuseBOX : AlanForPresident's user review

« musbox is awsome »

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This is a virtual instrument and effects module that most people tend to shy away from because its still hardware, people are going really crazy over software plug ins these days and forget how good hardware modules still are. There is a lot of potential with this MuseBox and I think it still has some room for it to get better. One thing that I wish it was is rack able, I have plenty more than enough gear just sitting around on the workspace. I need this unit to be rack able

But the sounds that are on this thing are amazing, it is way better than almost any vst that I have seen or used now or in the past. There is really so much you can do with this module, I am so surprise that its not more popular amongst the home musician community considering how small and compact that it is. Its really like the size of a small audio interface like the mbox.

The effects are way better than expected, using this has allowed me to be a lot more creative in processing some of my sounds, using this along with some of my software effects and mixer tracks I am able to come up with all types of new sounds that have never been heard before. My hat is off to Muse for the MuseBox. Hopefully when they come out with another one they make it rack able or even make this version rack able and just come out with it because there are still some of us who use a lot of hardware great and need a space to put it in. Great sounds, and effects from Muse, I will be recommending more at home musicians to use the MuseBox and open up the creative within them. Try it