Muse Research MuseBOX
Muse Research MuseBOX

MuseBOX, Hardware Plug-in Host from Muse Research.

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sw80 10/28/2012

Muse Research MuseBOX : sw80's user review

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The Muse Research MuseBox is a virtual instrument and effects module that I have recently had the chance to work with. It is built for the stage and for the studio, no matter where you need these sounds at they will be available to you. The Muse Research MuseBox could not be any easier to set up and start using. All you have to do is plug it in and pick which sound you want and that is it. It does come with a manual but I am pretty sure no one needs it.
There are a lot of presets on the Muse Research MuseBox, and picking the preset you want is very easy because you can search it by category. If you don’t like working on a small screen, all you have to do is hook it up to a monitor and then you can use a mouse to pick your presets on a bigger screen which will be a lot easier to read especially in a studio.
My favorite thing about the Muse Research MuseBox is the price that it cost. It is very affordable and for the quality of sounds that you are getting makes it a steal! I am very happy that I now have the chance to work with this module and plan on making more and more music with it every day. I have tried and/or used several desktop synth modules and a lot of them have good and bad things about them. But the Muse Research MuseBox has no negative things about it to me. It is very easy to use, it is built well and you can plug it up to a bigger monitor so you can see what you are doing better. The precision of quality and sound are amazing. I think anyone who has this MuseBox would buy it again anytime.