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Yamaha Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Yamaha RX-V457

    Yamaha RX-V457 - DJ_chris_41's review


    - How long have you use it? I use it for over 2 years - What is so special that you like most and least? What I like most: sound quality in home cinema! (This is the entry-level yet) What I like least: Average Sound Hi-Fi (but it is a norm…

  • Yamaha AX-700

    Yamaha AX-700 - blaez_minkoff's review


    I use it for 5 months but it is an amp that has more than ten years. I think it is the late 80s. 5 RCA inputs (2 with back to tape, mini computer or sound card) Output for 2 pairs of speakers. The sound is very natural. I also availing onesel…

  • Yamaha RX-V1400

    Yamaha RX-V1400 - Eloïse-MBo's review


    I used the last 15 days to attack BW802 s1 (see this review) it is controlled by a Behringer DCX2496 (see review). It availing oneself of direct inputs into 6 or 8 channels. I first verifies its operation in stereo with the automatic adjustment using…

  • Yamaha RX-E400

    Yamaha RX-E400 - Syl20-11's review


    I use this channel for many years. I listen to much music, not rock, pop, techno and also I use to play with my computer games car race. I love the sound, very warm, natural, living, deep bass (techno type or RnB) is not his strong point, but g…

  • Yamaha AX-596

    Yamaha AX-596 - Highjah's review


    I possde this amp for 8 years. I immediately t surprised to hear of micro-dtails I had never heard with my amp prcdants (JVC and Kenwood). I t cons by far less sduit its low register, which seems to me still lacking in attack and precision. …

  • Yamaha AX-596

    Yamaha AX-596 - Fks's review


    I have seven years. I use it with JBL xti60, the quality of sound is good trs (I hear sounds that do not reproduce my monitoring) and the reserve power is very nearly too high. The report price is good quality, I had to get out at that time to le…

  • Yamaha RXV-559

    Yamaha RXV-559 - grunchwy's review


    Hello, I use this amp for 7 months but I do not use it for the home theater, just listening to music. I'm very happy, finally now there's no much to say since it's not a high quality amp it fills very well the functions for which I bought, name…

  • Yamaha CA-610

    Yamaha CA-610 - Prodatlantis's review


    For a few months I rcupr one with a pair of speakers "mission" English brand of Hi-Fi is a magical amp. A warm, transparent, faithful, open. The old record brsilienne music I sound terrible on it, classical music, even modern disks, it is a very fait…

  • Yamaha NS-P 436

    Yamaha NS-P 436 - pgreslin's review


    Like all of the kits of this size and price, the sound is acceptable to make the effects of a film, but not suitable to listen to a music DVD. the subwoofer quickly reaches its limits, and pregnant devices have a "medium high" too aggressive. …

  • Yamaha NS-7390

    Yamaha NS-7390 - cricri147's review


    I use them for 2 years. They sound good but they lack a few breaths for columns. low trs are dynamic and quickly take the distortion. Report price and quality are not too interresting trs Chres for audio rendering. It is better to buy smalle…