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Yamaha Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Yamaha A-S500

    Yamaha A-S500 - Whitestone's review


    How long have you use it? I use it for 2 years Have you tried many other models before buying it? I listened to several amps in the store but this is my first purchase What is the particular feature you like best and least? I find the sta…

  • Yamaha A-S3000

    Yamaha A-S3000 - " The beast in the beautiful"


    Here is a less serious and complete the tests that I normally post on the internet test. Why? -Because it is currently impossible to approach so this is a monstrous lucky shot, and that's exactly what happened to me. But my time was VERY limite…

  • Yamaha CDX-397MK2

    Yamaha CDX-397MK2 - " very good reading mp3"


    Buy in June 2009 to 179 euros from DARTY use sound about fifty times for 3 years running for 5h-6h each time, better dynamics compared to pro cd as DENON GEMINI STANTON, value for money is very good and do it again this choice without worries ... …

  • Yamaha A-S500

    Yamaha A-S500 - " just brilliant"


    The sound is clear dynamic is a good amp, but only criticism bothers me a bit anyway, its a bit shiny / metallic voice you can hear some good and distorts rendering. Too bad because otherwise it would be perfect. We read here and there it is neutra…

  • Yamaha AX-592

    Yamaha AX-592 - " Nice ch'val"


    I bought it at Cash Converter to occaze for une50taine of € at the time when I was broke, and my Yamaha M-4 dropped me (my fault for that matter). 4 years ago, so. Tried anything else ... I was in no position to be very demanding, but it was a r…

  • Yamaha TSR- MS

    Yamaha TSR- MS - " Perfect"


    I bought it along with my Tyros 4. This product is excellent for home, or as a floor. I had these speakers and subwoofer for my PC. There is really suitable for Tyros. What I regret is the switch on the subwoofer. It would have been wise t…

  • Yamaha AX-492

    Yamaha AX-492 - " RAS"


    YAMAHA HiFi. the sound YAM 2X100 W nothing to say it's incisive YAMAHA well as do the Japanese. RAS …

  • Yamaha AX-596

    Yamaha AX-596 - " Sometimes good, sometimes broken eardrums ..."


    Somewhat surprisingly, this amp. I use it with B & W DM4 speakers and rendering is pretty convincing: the detailed, full and issue power, y 'has more than enough. Precision (analytical according to some, but it's not my opinion) is interesting for …

  • Yamaha Pianocraft e320

    Yamaha Pianocraft e320 - " the small chain that goes up ..."


    My companion was still taped when she came home and she could listen to a CD yet she knew well, a quality which until then was unknown to him. She had just discovered the "stereo". Stingy as not two, it would probably have dislocated the arm than …

  • Yamaha A-520

    Yamaha A-520 - boogi man's review


    to confirm what was said below I compared my 396 to ax this one is day and night! reliability for this model is average for my case: some source selection buttons crachotent, pb contacts otherwise good amp …