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Hiwatt user reviews

  • Hiwatt  DR-504 Custom 50 Head

    Hiwatt DR-504 Custom 50 Head - " the best Panzer amps"


    Everything has been said about the panzer amps! Hand made by workers at RAF origin (you Spitfire parts in it! Lol!) More powerful than any marshall 100w lamps (I confirm with my guitar on stage and others), I bought secondhand in 1982 ... there was…

  • Hiwatt HG50C

    Hiwatt HG50C - " A MUST!" has images


    All Tube: Pre-Amp 12AX7/ECC 3 x 83, 1 x 12AT7 - 2 x EL34 Power Amp Speaker: 2 * celestion G12K-100 (england) 50 W rocks! but fortunately very manageable thanks to the master of the power amp. Connectors: - 16,8,8,4 ohms (thus 4 speaker outputs…

  • Hiwatt SA-212

    Hiwatt SA-212 - " For me one of the best amplifier"


    Year 73, JJ Lamps, 50 watts, two inputs with 2 bright normal volume associated 2x12pouces fades HP, simple settings low, muddle, sharp, spring reverb, solid wood. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, the sound is very right and very evenly balanced any …

  • Hiwatt G40/12R

    Hiwatt G40/12R - " practice amp"


    40W transistor amp input skyscraper (a headphone) output loop effect + line out to other speakers (if they still want boosted sound) two channels (clean and overdrive) with an adjustable bass, midrange and treble in two common + Reverb UTILIZATI…

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - gibsonclassic's review


    for technical characteristics, refer to the booklets that you find on the Internet besides, I know nothing! :-) In any case, the receiver sends the sauce (I played outdoors and .., to put everything back .. ca send serious!) it's solid, heavy…

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - gentillom's review


    100 watt guitar amp transistors deuxCanaux, clean and overdrive.Deux gains on the overdrive channel (a gain on the clean channel). 3-band EQ. A volume for each channel, master volume, a rverb, uneboucle deffet contrle with volume, a headphone and spe…

  • Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103

    Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103 - oldmusico's review


    All-tube amp. Excellent hardware. First choice of components and wiring to the "chalk"! 100 watt available on the DR 103. Basic Rglage, no effect. USE There's no simpler. The sound is what we do! You just have to know how to play. SONORITS …

  • Hiwatt HG50H

    Hiwatt HG50H - jesuswasapunk's review


    What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? All-tube amp. What is the power dlivre? 50 watt tear well. What connection? Between, fx loop, XLR output What rglages the effects? ... 2 vol, treble, middle, bass, master, reverb, ga…

  • Hiwatt Custom Wah

    Hiwatt Custom Wah - poufinou's review


    If Hiwatt is famous for its effects, few know that the brand also offers a wah-wah. - Fully analog - True bypass - Tip rack - Mechanical switch - Set range swept frequency - Powered by 9V battery or adapter (reverse polarity!) All chr…

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - redhairs02's review


    HP 12 "HIWATT High Performance (?) 100 Watt transistor 2 channels clean and overdrive Three-band EQ (bass, mid, high) + CHANNELS contour for the overdrive reverb External Speaker Output Headphone Output master volume. CHARACTERISTICS…