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Hiwatt user reviews

  • Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103

    Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103 - Baltack's review


    See other post UTILIZATION I use it for recording guitar, among other ToneLab a lamp and my god there .... with a low (test with active and passive). better to stay passive because the sound is already very powerful, round and electronics is fa…

  • Hiwatt  DR-504 Custom 50 Head

    Hiwatt DR-504 Custom 50 Head - jujugratte's review


    Hiwatt Custom 50 did in the 70s, a real one ... USE We just easily get a very good sound, great amp reacts to rglages. SONORITS Personally I love Pink Floyd, Archive, U2 etc ... With this head comes with two Celestion Vintage 30 HP and …

  • Hiwatt  DR-504 Custom 50 Head

    Hiwatt DR-504 Custom 50 Head - manson.reznor's review


    100% pure light 50 watts - but watt Hiwatt! Connector (on mine is modified): A high normal channel input A high input channel bright (bright) An input link channel Canal + bright normal Settings: Gain a bright A normal gain A 3-b…

  • Hiwatt Custom 200 Head

    Hiwatt Custom 200 Head - rosefloyd's review


    All lamps 200 watts. Equal 3-band presence. 2 bright and normal inputs. Model AP ALL PURPOSE. In short we do everything with: bass guitar, keyboard! UTILIZATION Setting a very simple single channel, no distortion. SOUNDS Hula! What sou…

  • Hiwatt B100/15

    Hiwatt B100/15 - marcif's review


    -Transistor amplifier -100w An active-entered, another passive. -A is the artery that serves as an XLR for transplanting, and an output hp external -Gain, master volume and contour -Compressor (push-pull) -Graphic Equaliser (7bandes) UT…

  • Hiwatt SA-212

    Hiwatt SA-212 - nico.28's review


    The SA 212 is a combo HIWATT 50W lamp. is a single channel with 4 inputs: two "normal" and 2 "bright" that we can route all Manir get the "natural saturation" of the amp. He does not have rverb. REPRESENTATIVES it even in the simplicity of Contents r…

  • Hiwatt Custom Slave 200 Head

    Hiwatt Custom Slave 200 Head - century_child_2002's review


    - Tube amp only six EL34 with the famous Hiwatt Partridge made in the high-voltage transformer output - An input jack + output jack (to the input of another amp without) lamps ECC83 ECC81 + 200W announced - 4 output jack to combine various spea…

  • Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103

    Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103 - Patalaii's review


    I own this amp since 1988. It's a 1971 model and I use it as a bass player with a Jazz Bass. The sound delivered is a pure marvel .... I have the original 4x12 cabinet but I do not use with a guitar. For deep bass, I head a couple babble Ampeg equi…

  • Hiwatt B15/8

    Hiwatt B15/8 - fellow03's review


    15W 2 input jack (passive force) Between a headset 1 volume A middle 1 Low 1 prsence 1 treble A limit! Rglage simple and offers a small range of its not too bad. UTILIZATION A string of options and easy to use intrrssent SOUN…

  • Hiwatt G10/5

    Hiwatt G10/5 - Young79's review


    The amp HIWATT - G10-5 is a transistor amp has 10 watts, and possde: an HP 8 "HIWATT Hight Performance, - 2 channels: Clean and Overdrive - 2-band EQ - Master Volume - Headphone Comprehensive enough for an amp of this price (the headphone…