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sachelin 11/18/2010

Hiwatt SA-212 : sachelin's user review

«  For me one of the best amplifier »

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Year 73, JJ Lamps, 50 watts, two inputs with 2 bright normal volume associated 2x12pouces fades HP, simple settings low, muddle, sharp, spring reverb, solid wood.


Very easy to use, the sound is very right and very evenly balanced any effect takes its proper perspective. After that happens a millimeter to settle "his" sound, once the marks made for me is the amp


rolls of all possible styles as the definition is good, when we know that sound of Gilmour (Pink Floyd) has there, coupling it with a Fender twin reverb.
I've had amps from Marshall to Mesaboogie through Fender Acoustic and so on, but they never equaled "my Hiwatt" I'm still back on. I couples in the studio with a Vox AC30 more crunchy, 1972. It is true that the twist must send the rubber and the Vox brought a dirtier side.
I have not tried the reissue handmade, but I heard it was not bad at all, there is the price 2800 euros which I think could be a barrier for small budgets, but good to know what you want .. it is a pro instrument.


I use it since 1977 recorded 4 LP (yes AC was not done before CDs) with Arsenic and Carte de Sejour and frankly it rocks on stage as the sound is full, no need to mount Volume I played with a third wha wha vox, a MXR distortion, an analog delay rack, and 80's require a chorus from untraceable at Rolling, the real sound that brings you all the guitarists at the end of the concert to ask you where it comes from;) ))
Only flat weight, it weighs very heavy, it's not really the amp that leads to the repetition each time. But good sound is so huge that the roadies follow soon .... when it is used.