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nico.28 11/21/2007

Hiwatt SA-212 : nico.28's user review


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The SA 212 is a combo HIWATT 50W lamp. is a single channel with 4 inputs: two "normal" and 2 "bright" that we can route all Manir get the "natural saturation" of the amp. He does not have rverb. REPRESENTATIVES it even in the simplicity of Contents rglages. the power tubes are EL34 (JJ for me).


Trs simple because the number of pots was Reduces: bass, middle trebble, prsence, the more traditional volume pots. if the use is defined as transportation: buy arms! BTE is close to 45 pounds.


I play in a prog metal band 'and, curiously, the sound of this amp is well suited trs this style of music especially for clean sounds. sounds will not be saturated to rest if you possdez good saturation effects or pramp (reminder: no channel saturation of the amplifier!). two HP 12''guarantee. care are some SA 212 FANE quips by others ROLA CELESTION PRE-cell may influence the color of the sound. For my part it is the heavenly. I use it with a Universe (7 strings) and I must say that the bass response is incredible! there is coupled a set VHT (GP3 and 2/50/2 and two 2x12 boxes DWT) as a whole by a gr G-system and a box of SPX routing (custom)


I use it for 4 years. this amp is for me a foudre.Datant of 1977 it is retubing for now (back for Christmas, thank you SPX). collection's outdoor appearance is "vintage" is to say a little tired but good: it is always in the old pots you are doing good soups (is not it?).
ct price, a rarity it is necessary to take about 1500 Euros (without restorations follow: lamps and body fatigue for the year), against part: the key to a unique sound!