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le reverend 03/29/2004

Duesenberg Starplayer TV : le reverend's user review


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Beautiful little guitar, German and Japanese-design, I do we say in the store where I tried it last Saturday. (In passing admire the use of past tense for the narration)

Thinline design with beam, handle 22 boxes (but painted damage) spruce and maple on the table on the bottom (you do not see too well, actually). But plywood, for sure, as all these guitars (including Gibson), for strength.
Microphone type P90 in severe acute double microphone, both manufacturing Duesenberg.

3-position selector classic, and Bigsby vibrato copy (and yes, what look)

Making flawless at first glance. Look classy but flashy, funny mixture of charm. No case is standard.

I put 8 because everyone will not like the decor (sounds like a car hood of the 50's). I think it's too early.


Channel a bit thick for me, but I like the sleeves of Start, so it's not a reference too. It's like a round of ES-335, a hair thicker. So it's much thinner than the handle 50's Gibson LP (round).
Access to acute correct, pleasant handle.
Good grip, light guitar (because almost empty), and good balance. Thin guitar that will suit small jigs guitarists, or the ladies and damsels (special dedication to Talu).

The sound is ... but wait, I'll talk about it right after!


Good guitar, it ha yes, we can say!

In terms of sound, it is between Gibson's well rounded and well Gretsh foil.

The pickups are original, and very well matched: the single and double go well together, and mixing the two can even get funky amazing plans.

The bridge humbucker alone spit in his mother's powerful, it's hot, it screams, it's good. The rock is at your fingertips, you feel you can get the mix with that quiet fingers in the nose (no, we remove the fingers from the nose end, otherwise you can not play)
The handle is simple micro voluptuous, but also less powerful (obviously, it's a single) and then open the ports of blues, jazz, chorus velvet to fall. It's simple, since I tried it, I want to learn to play the guitar ....

The tone knob is very effective, is a very good surprise, and if we play on the volume knob, one can easily give a lot of nuances to his game

In crunch, but the effects intensify the sounds are very clean. It is stunning. Our friends at Duesenberg managed is a beautiful design of microphones, a beautiful guitar design and an outstanding combination of both.

Okay, they are German, but nobody's perfect!


Tested several times, the more I try and I love it. Sure, one day, I'll pay.
This guitar has no equal as cheap (about 1290 euros as well), it is a good substitute for most popular models, but with an undeniable touch of originality.

Although typical, the guitar emits sounds very usable on a wide range. You can play the adaptability or you can play it with style. Extra!

Its look, its sound, its quality, this guitar has many advantages, yet it will not be the guitar of Mr. All-The-World.

Duesenberg was manufactured is a pearl guitar, original, successful, inspired but not copying. A truly creative approach to the world of electric guitar (not makers), it is rare enough to be noticed. And when in addition, it is really successful, one has only cap in salute.
Congratulations Mr. Duesenberg!

Only the lack of awareness will make you hesitate. Me, my ears are already convinced.