In Bear Suits 08/05/2012

Epiphone The Dot : In Bear Suits's user review

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Audience: Beginners
Made in korea

Tune o matic bridge
Handle fairly late
2 humbuckers epiphone
2 vols, two tones, a three position selector


Handle pretty nice. A handle is always subjective and sometimes it depends what you are accustomed.

Handle heavy, guitar stings a little nose.

Access to acute rather easy despite a quality medium frets that does not always play in this area here.

The sound is quickly convincing, quite attractive although limited with all the default found in guitars in this price range (no tone knob fine, loss of sharp decline drastically as soon as a volume knob)


At first it was me. Treble through the neck pickup is quite beautiful, round, lovely.

Not bad for the blues.

I played a lot on a Fender Blues Jr.


Used nearly 8 years I think, and then replaced by a vintage Mustang, a Univox, a Cort 1980s, all the better sound quality.

I tried a lot of stuff before buying it, it was my first electric guitar, she had seduced me immediately.

It is heavy, so thick the veneer of plastic that looks up the handle, the chrome hardware is banal and shoddy, cheap electronics too.

The normal value for money: it is not expensive, especially in Cygnus, so to start a lot.

I customized mine, to improve it with some success, but it does not become a marvel.
Please note that the mine was manufactured in Sammick in the 1990s, a generation older, and each room was out of the templates in use usually replaced parts has been the horror. It is no longer the case of current models.