synthaxe 11/27/2006

Epiphone The Dot : synthaxe's user review


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- Features on the site to see epiphone


- Fairly pleasant handle, relatively wide and thick to after my memory. It is varnish

- Access to decent treble, like a Gibson 335!

- Ergonomics proven

- Its damn good, lacking some output level


- Can be drawn may close that we want, except strats sounds and big satu

- I have used with a Roland JC120

- I liked using the neck pickup that made sounds quite suitable


- I have had 2 years
- The most: the legend ES335
- Minimum: the holding of the Agreement blah, and the lack of output microphones, Weight
- Report qt nice price, friendly guitar
- I do not think I do it again this choice because I'm actually not a fan of the form 335 which does not evoked much to me!
But with a little customization can get in my opinion has a very close result of "a Gibson ES335 (microphones, mechanical)

I put 7/10