Djoudjou's 09/11/2005

Epiphone The Dot : Djoudjou's's user review


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Guitar factory in the United States not
22 frets, a microphone with its hot and serious rev up and down quite dry
Floyd but no ability to mount a Bigsby
2 vomume 2 Tone switch
Round and round off gibson type
No problem good finish varnish, the neck moves slightly, mcaniques good. RAS for 4 years I have


Rgulier enjoyable round round round good varnish type gibson
Good access to acute
Trs guitar quite heavy but good balance
The sound is okay trs


Good guitar rock funk blues ballad 60/80 Annes, deprecated for hard rock and mtal
Its best on the fender marshall amp (but it's personal)
Sonnorite serious about global micro sec over the top of the bottom mic, bass amp can saturate the microphone when you are at the top if the amp is too low with rgl


I use it for 4 years
Good violin sound good prfrea a les paul because more adate my game (blues funk)
Ovccaz buy a new state 300 euros
I do it again this choice
It remains trs well for any type of game (except mtal and hard rock), however, goes well trs rock or rockabilly style softphone