jessy_c_dead 05/31/2005

Epiphone The Dot : jessy_c_dead's user review


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Surely Japan, 22 frets, I do not know what micro but have a good fishing! whatever the effects that they put!

handle pure gibson / epiphone, although round, nickel chrome!


Channel super nice, access to acute gonna have no complaints except for the guitar (z) There's hero TFW better handle rapid level in acute! beautiful shape, just fail over the handle in white like her big sister and would really pure jewels! and is already far from being ugly!

very good sound, very punchy mic, I m used to see the big rock metal (yes it may be a little bizard lol) but it sounds nickel and has the face!


Well I think every style of music going very well (except perhaps extreme metal: p)

I play a marshall dsl 100 amp, and an Ibanez SM7 ca Depot! as clean as any distortion happens and nothing passes away!


It's been 2 years that I have the, I have never needed the rule j have had a lot of scrapes before (and after) but it's still one of my favorite! the RAPORT qualitprix is ​​really interesting that's for sure!

and yes I would do the same choice twice rather that one! j hesitated even to buy one of another color!

ps: even when the notes correspond with the fact that it's still a mid-range guitar, very very good indeed!