CotesDarmor 04/01/2004

Epiphone The Dot : CotesDarmor's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea,
Semi-hollow handle and stocky,
Rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets "Jumbo"
Humbucker Pickups' designed by Gibson "(2 SETTING THE Tone and volume) U
nslecteur microphone positions 3,
Mcanique Grover
Channel Gibson typical D-shaped
DIFFERENT colors: Black, Red, Vintage Sunburst.
The violin is superb, no sagging of varnish, the electronic, mechanical are of good quality the frets are well polished and well poses and do not pull the mimine. However, it took about a small rglage harmonics (the strings MiG, La, R.


The handle is trs enjoyable and I was not possible in terms of problem jouabilit habitu DIFFERENT sleeves purposes as those of the hulk and ibanez acoustic, I adapted fairly quickly. Good Access in acute (although it is a semi-hollow). The ergonomics of gnrale fawn is quite good, the handle slides well, mcaniques (Grover) are prcises and Tune O Matic is a simplicity of rglage. The knobs are handled well. Nothing wrong.
The instrument is quite heavy: about 5 kg (not surprising at Gibson / Epiphone) prvoir a comfortable strap.


I play with a blues-rock record and it excels in this area, a pleasure, unlike what is said mics left me a good impression but not suitable for large register Metal saturations. The neck pickup is smooth and gentle, ideal for a blues session ... The bridge pickup is not recommended for clear sound and surprisingly quite effective saturation for good rock riffs (the output level is pretty lev I use this guitar with a Peavey Classic 30 amp all lights and a nice ring to it. The sound is mellow and bluesy wish. A versatile enough scratch with two humbuckers personalities Different.


I tried several and I admit I MODELS adhr immediately on it. The overall opinion is positive since the average score on diffrent user reviews of sites (100 to 150), Harmony Central, Musicians Friend, ... is 8.5 / 10 and most people I had the opportunity to meet in trs are satisfied. A guitar with a good qualitprix therefore (between 470 and 490 in 2003). This is a guitar that we must test whether we like to play rock and blues records. I think the customize with new pickups to make it even better and she MRIT. The violin is good and trs no default construction (frets, varnish ,...). Question mcanique the Grover hold the road and no nuisance or dsaccordage strings that border. I have the Sunburst version, visually, it does not leave indiffrente. A good investment. I rounded the day on the lottery, I would purchase the home version ES335 Gibson ...