MGR/Brian H. 02/14/2002

Epiphone The Dot : MGR/Brian H.'s user review

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I decided to purchase a dot because, A) I'd just gotten a promotion and dammit, I deserved a gift to myself, B) I'd never had a guitar with humbuckers, C) Noel Gallaher can't go wrong.

So I went to a local shop in norther VA. I test drove a dot and it felt and sounded good and my dot came in a week later fresh from the packaging. It was $400 and $70 for a hard case.

The other electric guitar that I have is a Mexican Fender Strat. This guitar has served me well, but the Dot offers a much different sound.

The Strat is very twangy and has somewhat of a thin sound. This is fine for a more "pop" sound. But if you want a sound with more meat to it, the Dot is great.

To be honest, in the five months I've had my Dot, I've all but stop playing my Strat. The dot just kicks a little more ass. It also handles mellower sounds well too. It's all around a very practical, pleasant sounding guitar.

There are only a couple of minor drawbacks. The dot can become kind of heavy on the shoulders. So playing with it for 3 hours straight can be tiring.

The nut came off of my dot. I guess the glue dried and it just came off. It's no big deal because when you string it, the strings hold the nut in place.

And the machine heads are loose, but that is common with Epiphones. Bear in mind, this isn't a $2000 instrument.

Overall, I give the Epiphone Dot a 4. A good look, good construction, and most importantly, a good sound for the amount of money.

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