MGR/Dennis 02/17/2002

Epiphone The Dot : MGR/Dennis's user review

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I couldn't justify the expense of the Gibson 335. I play for fun, so the Dot fit the bill. I searched online first, but the local Ash Music store matched the best online price I saw which was $349. That was three years ago... never had a regret.

Ever notice who plays the Gibson thin hollowbodies? Everyone. Doesn't matter if it's jazz, rock, pop, country or blues. The guitar is that versatile. The Dot is not the Gibson, but at it's price, it's minimal shortcomings are forgotten. Actually, I have even seen the Dot played in recent rock videos as well.

I like everything about the guitar. Are there better pick-ups available? Sure; replace them if you need the small difference in quality. Tone? That's easy. Go to heavier strings (D'Addario is my choice) and the guitar will respond in kind. Action is not comparable with 335, but then neither is the price.

I chose the cherry red finish which appears in everyway to be perfect. Tuners give me smooth performance without slippage. Spray the toggle once in a while for optimum operation. Don't leave it tuned 365 and I suggest you will not have any neck problems.

Value:5 Quality:5 Action:4 Range:5 Tone:5
I have had the opportunity to play a range of electics and had my Dot played by some friends that make their living at pickin'. For the money, there is no better clone on the market and for those of us unable to justify the cost of the 335 there are few (if any) compromises with this guitar, no matter what you play. Happy pickin'

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