MGR/Brendan Lorimer 05/03/2004

Epiphone The Dot : MGR/Brendan Lorimer's user review

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I bought this guitar from a music store in North Bay, Ontario and the price was originally $599.99 but I found it considerably cheaper at Steve's Music Store (that's the place to go!)at $439.99!!! So I price matched at the North Bay store and with taxes and everything it came to $516.00, which was exactly what I was willing to pay.And the reason I bought this is because guitars are my life and my passion.

Where do I begin? First,this guitar is absolutely beautiful, a sweet cherry red colour with curves like a woman. Also, it's f-holes give a great sound and look amazing too. It's humbuckers are very powerful and can go from crystal clear to dripping in distrortion with no problem. I heard that it would be to heavy but it was no problem , considering I'm as skinny as Jimmy Page.Also the action was very comfortable.

There's really nothing I didn't like other than that the screw on the jack kept un-screwing but I couldn't care less about that

The ES-335 is very solidly made with all details paid attention too, so other than that, all I can say is that the Korean's really know their guitars.

All in all, I was exceptionally pleased with ES-335 and this is a prime example of more for your money. I treat this thing like my best friend and I can't wait to wail on this guitar when I play this at a battle of the bands I'm playing next week!
Peace out and Jimmy Page is god!

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