Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong "Signature" Electromatic Hollow Body
Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong "Signature" Electromatic Hollow Body

G5191BK Tim Armstrong "Signature" Electromatic Hollow Body, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Gretsch in the Electromatic Collection series.

woodoocry 09/05/2010

Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong "Signature" Electromatic Hollow Body : woodoocry's user review

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Made in KOREA, AOM bridge with rosewood base, HARPE.type tailpiece, quality and responsive Gretsch pots, black matte finish, very original, quality filtertron top black pickups, grover tuners. In short, well-equipped for an Electromatic....


Very nice neck, access to the upper frets is inevitably limited, due to the '70s Gretsch design. Imposing guitar with an awesome look and an overall volume pot, I love it!!


I play blues, '70s rock, jazz sometimes...
I can get an excellent blues and jazz sound with the neck pickup, it's not too fat, but really bassy, with presence and well-defined, very good!
I often play with a fat crunch, ZZtop, Gov't mule, AC/DC style, and it's really good at it. It's a pity access to the upper frets is limited, but it's okay to play solo at home.... Playing a G after the 12th fret becomes a technical feat, although achievable... But it's warm....
Anyway, I think it was Bo Diddley who said that playing beyond the 12th fret is vulgar :D!


I've had it for about 1 month and had never had Gretsch before. I've had 3 Gibson LPs, 2 Gibson SGs, 5 Strats of all types, 1 Heritage H140, a Lepape, etc..... To cut it short, it's my Gretsch and I'm very satisfied with it!!!
I love its retro look, its color, its sound character. I love how it was conceived as a compromise between the Pro and Electromatic models, and, even better, it's available to lefties!!
In short, it's a very good guitar, typical Gretsch, and it sounds incredibly good thanks in part to the hardware...
For once, it really makes me want to get a high-end Gretsch model!!!