Hagstrom Viking
Hagstrom Viking
pushmataha 06/02/2007

Hagstrom Viking : pushmataha's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This guitar is like ES 335 I took cherry finish. Made in China.
Very pretty undeniable.
The Luter is good (nice acoustic sound table in one piece ...)
The pickups are humbucker type with a tailpiece (which is a difference compared to the gibson es 335).


The handle is fine and is conducive to the skill, the key is composite, which is awkward at first but now it suits me. The ergonomics are very good with this guitar because the boxes are actually available acute.
It takes a little rule (action, compensation, microphones) to get what you want, normal ...
One complaint, the harmonics are a bit deaf.


Personally I sought the sound of Scofield, jazz fusion sound with the warmth of the cash crunch and subtle, in fact he almost returned it to the nuances of the game, go through his fingers clean to crunch plaintive.
Laney VC 50 on a clean sounds are good, the crunch on the bridge pickup is very expressive, i like.

With distortion is difficult to know who is missing, the amp or the pickups?
In fact the guitar loses some its personality when you push the gain.

Overall, the neck pickup is expressed less, the sound is too low in momentum ...
I just change it with a Dimarzio PAF 194 and it's killing! Without comment, the guitar is a good point of view, therefore, with good acoustics is the microphones happiness!!

The sustain is very good, but in the case of most type ES 335!

With DiMarzio PAF Classic I put 10!


I bought it three days ago and I love it. I rediscovered the pleasure of playing on a guitar sound good and easy, nice. Dimarzio PAF pickups with this happiness!

I stored half cash ...

Excellent value for money for fans of jazz fusion, guitar is faithful to the nuances of the game

Without hesitation I bought it, I who have tried the real Gibson ES 335 on my last trip to the States, I think that the economy was worth it!

A beautiful guitar that sounds good ...
No need to spend a fortune to have a real jazz guitar rock!