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Hagstrom Viking
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Guitmtl Guitmtl
Publié le 10/16/06 à 12:20
Model Hagstrom Viking Wild Cherry sunburst.
2 humbuckers
Channel exclusive Hagstrom.


I owned an Ibanez Artcore whose handle was like a rubber band. When I tried this Hagstrom, I was immediately impressed by the rigidity of the handle, even if it is rather SLIM. After several months of use, I am even more delighted with this guitar. The substean is superb, and the handle always right. The sound of the humbuckers can also be warm and round for jazz, as clear and precise. A real charm.


We can do most with this guitar. Obviously the sound of the humbuckers is different from the single coil, but still very versatile.


In use blues and jazz with my fender blues deluxe is a marvel. There are a lot fat and warm, slightly crunch ... Wow! I tried a gibson 335 and I must say that besides the name and fame, Hagstrom is just as pleasant to use. And be careful because if you take one in your hands, you can not do without.