Hagstrom Viking
Hagstrom Viking
trevellin 05/19/2014

Hagstrom Viking : trevellin's user review

«  a good guitar resonates in its own way ... »

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this is a copy of the guild starfire and it is also a little cousin of the ES335 gibson home.
for the remainder; maple body, maple neck canada, mechanical Rotomatic styles in gretsch, key in Resinator; ébonol a species; wood is a syntetic!
microphones are double hagstrom, the bridge is a style tune-o-matic and the rest, I do not care! ah! ah!


the handle is a treat; it is fine, although comfortable, the bends are easy, nothing to say!
I like the guitars quarter cash; I already had an ES335 gibson in the past so I know what type of guitar; This is particularly, but I'm doing ...
access to acute is fairly good; nothing to say either! it is not a washburn N4 either!
the sound is mostly blues and rock; greasy to handle and much more precise medium and micro pickup!


it is well suited to rock and blues, moreover, I made a video on youtube;

I plugged in my fender hot rod deluxe and it was really not bad at all!


I had the chance to compare the level and finish with the Epiphone ES335 natural and bystanders told me they preferred the hagstrom viking because it is more beautiful, and the sound is more accurate. ..
I think the neck is thinner than a ES335 I owned elsewhere!
to summarize; a beautiful guitar adornment of a gleaming red, his present good, perfect for rock and blues, the handle end is a treat and mechanical, I love them!
negatives; maybe microphones are more typical than this, but hey, I think for the price, there's not much to say!