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Hagstrom Viking
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Don_Viviano Don_Viviano

«  Look terrible, but little personality in their final »

Publié le 10/21/06 à 10:04
Guitar factory in China.
BEAUTIFUL copy ES 335, the most beautiful I've ever given t to see (especially cherry color)
2 humbuckers non splitables. CONTRL usual ....

Key in "composite" black trs. Bizarre but fun
Al Channel


Channel enjoyable, Access in acute impeccable guitar lgre enjoyable form.
The sound is good and well and without knobs ragissent crachottements.


I was looking for his jazz-rock fusion sound and brit-pop type libertines, dirty pretty things, babyshambles (very sharp). Guitar impresses with its magnificent appearance, but the lack of personality is actually quite banal.

I tried it on an Orange Tiny Terror + Marshall cabinet, and a Roland Cube. The sound is good rev is not the problem, but that was not what ES 335. In addition I was looking for something more cutting edge.

Sustain trs good.

The guitar does well in clean, crunch and overdrive. Not in top Exceeds Disto and complements a strong distortion (loss of some grain "typical" it was).


Tries in the store, I also test all in the style copy ES 335 400-500 euros
Ibanez AS (very good)
Shumberg (very good)
Samick (old guitar) (trs trs good)
Peavey (FRO)
Eko (FRO)
Hagstrom and so this what I call good good trs. It's not exactly what I was looking for and it frustrates me Paske by far the one I most look flat. But then I really cracked "on SAMICK, which is nice too.