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Thread Mamba 16 ch Analog passive splitter on 4 DB25s

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Topic Mamba 16 ch Analog passive splitter on 4 DB25s
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Mamba 16 Ch Passive analog splitter on 4 DB25s

NetworkSound is pleased to announce the launch of newest member of the Mamba patch bay family. 16 channel analog (combo - XLR/TRS/TS or XLR F) passive split to 4 Dsubs. No transformer isolation, just a passive split of analog signal. The Dsub is compliant to Tascam analog standard so you can use any off-the-shelf Dsub to Dsub or Dsub to XLR/TRS/TS cables. Dsub to your equipment is simple way to keep the cable clutter on rack to a minimum.

Here is a link..

Your feedback to add/improve this product or any specific need is most welcome.
NetworkSound has many more patch bays XLR to XLR, XLR to DB25s, ULN-8, LIO-8, AES DB25s to XLRs, Splitter and more. Pls check out at Products @