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Thread Mamba 16 CH Analog or AES/EBU over 4 CAT5/6 (Twisted pair)

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1 Mamba 16 CH Analog or AES/EBU over 4 CAT5/6 (Twisted pair)
The 16 ch Analog or 16 AES/EBU over 4 CAT5/6 product is designed to carry your Mic/Line/Instrument or digital AES/EBU over Shielded CAT5/6 or Un-Shielded CAT5/6 over a long distance. This product is sold as a pair (stage & FoH end) which are configured to match inputs to outputs. For example, 16 input (combo) on stage end unit would be connected to 16 XLR Male output at the FoH end. Phantom power pass thru is OK. These units can be also be 8inx8out or any custom configuration. This unit carries 16 ch analog or 16 AES over a 4 CAT5/6. Each CAT5/6 is assigned for 4 channels of analog or AES/EBU. CAT5/6 can be 50 ft to 300 ft or beyond. Mamba patch bays are of highest quality to match your high end pro audio gear. The parts, design using PCBs and construction are carefully done to provide the best audio quality. You can also check out 32XLR to 4 DB25 or XLR to XLR or ULN-8 or LIO-8 or AES/EBU patch bays.


Link to product page is here...


Rack Mountable
Nuetrik Genuine gold plated connectors
XLR Combo - XLR, TRS, TS - Mic, Line level or Instrument input
XLR F - XLR mic input or AES input
PCB mounted and clean signal pass thru
Phantom Power pass thru
Solid steel and sleek finish (open back)
Shielded CAT5/6 Preferred - You can also run Un-shielded CAT5/6 cables
Shielded RJ45 connectors - 4 per Unit.
Each RJ45 (CAT5/6) - can carry 4 Analog audio or 4 AES/EBU
Run 4 individual CAT5/6 between units or multi-core CAT5 (4 bundled as one cable)
THD and Cross talk measurement will be added soon.