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Phantom Power Question......



2 posts
New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 06/30/2019 at 11:18:01
I did the prerequisite search for "phantom" and didn't get what I need to know.

That said - I wonder if Phantom Power is like a chain in that if you inject that voltage into the lineup of devices, do they all tap into it or pass it along?


PA/Mixer with both 1/4" and XLR inputs and a Phantom Power switch - whereas the XLR cable goes to a hot-microphone, but along the way it hits an effects stomp box and maybe a tuner or a Country Gentleman DI before it gets to the mic.

1. Does the Phantom power in the PA-Head go through all the other stuff until it gets to the ribbon mic?
2. If a capable pedal has a BYPASS MODE, does the 48V go through it anyway?
3. Is the 48V 'tap-able' in that it can power-up the pedals along the way?
4. If the pedal also has a Phantom Power option on it, does it need to be engaged too?
( ^ ) pass the power along?
( ^ ) use the power for itself?

TIA from a newbee.....
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