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Thread Roland 3100 Pro

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1 Roland 3100 Pro
Hello all,
I'm trying to connect my mic up via ADAT VM-3100 PRO into MacBook logic pro x.

Does anyone here have any experience with the VM-3100 Pro mixer? So far what I have done:

I have a connection coming out of the Digital I/O input of the 3100 pro and into the output MacBook via the Toslink and the audio plays back successfully through the 3100 pro. I have the output cable connected and coming of the 3100 pro to the input of the Toslink connected to the Macbook, Both cables have a connection as I can see light being transmitted to both sides of the port on the Toslink. In the settings of the MacBook, the output says optical digital-out port, but on the input where the mic is connected, it's still showing built-in.

I'm pretty sure its how the mic is being bused or sent via thru the 3100 pro Bout

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you so much
in advance.


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