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Thread New to HR - Purchasing Audio Interface - need advice

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1 New to HR - Purchasing Audio Interface - need advice
Want purchasing advice for new Audio Interface (a/d)I am new but I don't apologize
I was a pro live sound mixer long retired

New to home recording
MacBookPro 16 - full RAM
latest LogicPro

Want to purchase Audio Interface
Looked at a ton of them
I have some unknown reason other than I have a ton of experience with their hardware gravitates towards the Universal Audio Arrow
Have no idea if that is of any quality, just started their cause my brain knows UA La2a limiters, literally inside out.

single or dual channel for now
Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3
Always buy new stuff no used

Let it rip
tell me I am crazy,
tell me about the good sounding units

Thank you
KNOW that I greatly appreciate any advice