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Thread Rigging a Tascam DP-01FX up to a Yamaha MG16/4 Mixer.

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1 Rigging a Tascam DP-01FX up to a Yamaha MG16/4 Mixer.

I have got a Tascam DP-01FX recording desk and I was wondering what the best way of rigging it up to my Yamaha MG16/4 mixer, as I have got a group of Romainians coming over in a couple of weeks and I thort it would be nice to record a few of their performances as a momento type thing. After reading the manual :o for my MG16/4 I descovered that the kind people at Yamaha have actually put a jack output label "record out" :D so I have got that part sorted its just the inputs on the recorder. Would I be best using the Stereo Mix (L,R) or would I be best simpily using the two input on the front of the recorder Input A and Input B?? Any suggestions/tips will be greatly welcomed! :D


Why don't you use the Tascam and all of it's 8 tracks to record?

If you just want to use the MG 16/4 (I also have one) then maybe go into the Tascam using a Stereo track - does it have stereo tracks? I'm not familiar with the DP-01FX.

Otherwise, you might have to go into 2 seperate tracks on the Tascam.

good luck...