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Thread Beh&^$%@# DSP8000 Manual Anyone???

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1 Beh&^$%@# DSP8000 Manual Anyone???
Newbie to this board... Just wondering if anyone has a copy of the manual for a Behringer DSP8000 (NOT DSP8024!!!) they could email me. It's so old Uli and his boys & girls don't even list it on their site. But, a buddy gave me a couple, so I thought... What the h#&&... May as well use 'em in the monitor rack... If nothing else, it's always nice to have a spare RTA around... But anyway, a couple of the menu items are a little unclear... So, if ya gots it, and ya sends it, I'd sure be greatfull!
Thanks all!
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Oh they are old. Never were on the web as near as I can tell.
That being the case try the 8024 manual. They are very much alike tho the menu icons can be hard to decipher on the 8000.
I can never remember which is load and which is save EEEK!

Also be sure the chips are well seated they will pop out on the road. If they have glop holding them down it is a newer unit.

If the display goes crazy you probably have a loose chip.

good luck