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Thread I nEED hELP! EMU 1820m midi playback

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1 I nEED hELP! EMU 1820m midi playback
Alright here's the problem.

I want my computer applications to be able to play midi files and have them come out of my audio speaker/monitors again.

I recently got an EMU 1820m audio interface, but I don't know how to use midi with it very well. It has midi in and out, which is fine if all i want to do is send midi informition between hardware and computer sequencers. What I want is to be able to hear windows media player and other applications easily play midi files like they used to be able to do when i was using the soundblaster card with a built in midi wavetable synth.

Is there anyway to accomplish this again with my current set-up? or am i going to have to revert back to by soundblaster card if i want to hear applications with midi sound in them?

(and i dont want to have to get my computer to output the midi to my crappy yamaha keyboard, which is the only thing i can think of that can translate midi into sound)
Just go into Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Click on the Audio tab and make sure E-mu Wave is the default playback device. Next, select Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth as the default midi device. You can, of course, select external midi ports as the default midi device, but you will have to route their output into the 1820. You can even have onboard audio on; for example, I have an Nforce2 board whose DLS synth sounds much better over the MS synth IMO.

If you're looking for soundfont ability, the Emu, however, does not support soundfonts in hardware. The EmulatorX and ProteusX software do have soundfont capability, but cannot be accessed by media player.