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Thread External volume control

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1 External volume control
I use Sonar XL and an Aardvark 24/96 interface with M-Audio BX5 monitors. But instead of using the volume controls in the software, I like having the external volume control.
A guy at Sweetwater.com suggested I use a Samson C Control. But in reading a couple of reviews, they said the quality of sound is poor.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to use for an external volume? Also, I noticed that the headphone jack on my Aardvark isn't working, for whatever reason. So I also need something that would allow me to direct the sound through the headphones and not the speakers for when I record with a mic.
Any suggestions?

I would think about getting a small mixer to use as a sort of "hub" for all the recording you do. I would get a Behringer UB1202. $79 at MF:


Run your monitors off of the main outs. Hook your sound card inputs to the Aux out (or the main outs and use a hard pan to route it). There is a headphone jack.

I have a similar small mixer, and it works great in a small studio environment.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
"Run your monitors off of the main outs. Hook your sound card inputs to the Aux out (or the main outs and use a hard pan to route it). There is a headphone jack."

Axeman -
I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff. I use it, I just don't know how to hook it all up. So please bear with me.
I understand about running the monitors through the main outs. But about hooking my sound card to the aux out - I don't know what you mean. How do you run the sound card to the aux out?
And I also don't know what you mean by using a "hard pan to route it."
My brother-in-law originally hooked it up for me. But now I'm on my own and I have no clue.
Axeman -
I hooked up the Behringer. Even the guy at Guitar Center said he thought I should be able to turn off the monitors and use only the headphones, but it doesn't work.
This is how it's set up: I run the monitors into the Tape Out on the Behringer. And from the Main Out in my Aardvark interface I run into the Line In 1 and Line In 2 of the Behringer. I can turn the Gain down on the Line 1 and 2, but I can still hear the monitors - although they're quieter.
Am I doing something wrong? :oops:
I found out that the Eurorack UB1202 does not allow you to turn off the monitors. However, the Eurorack MXB1002 does. And it sells for $99 - the same price as the Samson C Control. The Samson is good, except that you can't turn it up loud.
When I have the volume maxed out on the Samson and Sonar, it's not very loud. Otherwise, it would be great.
So I think I'll go for the Behringer MXB1002. The UB1202 gave me more volume control that I would need. So with being able to turn off the monitors when I just want to hear through the headphones while recording guitar, and being able to crank the volume, if I wanted to, I think the MXB1002 is the way to go.
that is my exact set up. works like a charm! you cant beat the ub series from behringer. thats all i use.