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Thread home theater system

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1 home theater system

what is difference between the home theater recevier and av amplifier
i am very confuse about that....i have panasonic sound system with vcd and acd player & cassete plyr ( but no DVD, MP3)....AND NOW i like to add them with home theter system plus dvd plyer...can i do that and how?

thank you..
The major difference is in the digital processing. An av amplifier will probably run 2 channels but a home theater will take your 2 channel sound and convert it to 5, 6 or 7 channels. Your standard home theater amplifier should have enough inputs.

I guess my amp is the predecessor to home theater--it's an old Sansui from 1976 when they were experimenting with quad sound--it has a solid-state processor that adds 2 rear channels. That was crazy stuff back in '76.

What kind of home theater receiver do you have?