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Thread Fostex VF-160 EX?

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1 Fostex VF-160 EX?
Anybody own a Fostex VF-160 EX? I don't have a lot of money, and the price on these things seems to be right. I can't decide on either a Laptop/Desktop setup or a VF-160. With a computer setup, I would need to buy an interface, a program, and monitors. With a VF-160, or any other multitracker, all I would need to buy is monitors. Also the advantage of a VF-160 is the capability to record 8 tracks at a time. Of course the advantage of a computer setup would be quality, and better editing capabilities, but I'm not TOO picky, and I was wondering if a comp setup is worth the extra $$$.
Also, if anybody has anything they recorded on a VF-160, or any other multitracker (under $1000) they could send me a link to so I can get an idea of quality, that would be great.
These digital multitracks are nice for quick demos, easy and fast to set up - no software to boot up. My only beef with them is the lack of an upgrade path. At least the VF-160 comes with a burner.

Personally, a good desktop with very good software and an excellent interface offer more upgrade potential. But for quick, down-and-dirty recordings, they can't be beat. Just make sure to find a way to archive the contents of the hard disk - burning a lot of cd's to save your data can be a drag.