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Thread Pinf Floyd 5.1 music format

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Topic Pinf Floyd 5.1 music format
Has anybody heard about 5.1 format for audio discs ?
I've bought a new HI-FI and I'm looking for recordings in 5.1 format. For example, I'm looking for Pink Floyd songs in this format. With original masters It should be posible to generate it ?

Does anybody know a place to find it ?
Hi Ben,
more and more audio recordings are released or re-released in 5.1 format. Unfortunately it is still difficult to find them in stores.

I know Amazon has a few of these releases available.

By the way did you know that Pink Floyd already experimented with quadraphonic recordings during the Dark Side of the Moon sessions?

Here's an interesting article: http://www.stereosociety.com/foursides.html