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Thread Near field monitors (Dynaudio BM5 / Behringer B-2030A)

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1 Near field monitors (Dynaudio BM5 / Behringer B-2030A)

I've been looking for a good pair of near field monitors to use with the computer.
Latest I've looked at both the Dynaudio BM5 and Behringer B-2030A, and I don't know which pair to choose. It doesn't matter if its active or not, I have an extra amp to use.

Anyone got any comments on either of those speakers?

Normally, I'd point you to powered monitors because usually, the components of powered monitors (amp and speakers) are designed to work optimally with each other.

However, the BM5 is a higher quality speaker than the Behringer, since Dynaudio is well known for its studio monitors and audiophile speakers. The only downside is it being a passive monitor therefore, the quality of sound emanating from the BM5 is directly dependent on the amp driving it. I suggest testing your amp on the BM5 if you could manage it. Just make sure your amp's power output is greater than the input requirements of the BM5.

There are other monitors in the Behringer's price range like the Event TR5 and M-Audio BX5 that have gotten good reviews in several recording and pro audio mags that I have read.

Take along some fave cds and try to audition monitors before you buy. Let your ears guide you when making your decision. Get the ones you feel most comfortable with because if you've ever mixed with NS-10s like I have, then you'll know what I mean.
Thanks for your answer.

I understand your advice in getting powered monitors. The amp I thought of is a old NAD hifi-amp actually (have an old Akai also), so maybe not a very good choice in combination with BM5. And I wasn't planning on bying a new amp, so powered monitors might be a very good idea.

I see I can get the M-Audio BX5 for just over 250$. Sounds like a good price to me hehe ;-) The same store doesn't seem to have the Event monitors though.
I'll take some cd's with me when auditioning the monitiors.

Thanks again, your reply was very helpfull :-)
There are a lot of monitors to test..your ear has to like the speakers..go to your audioshop and listen to as many of them as you can(the music you constantly listen to should be the demo, so you will hear things you've never heard before on regular speakers(that is good))..i personaly would recomend krk rokit rp8 for the cash..but like i said listen to them.Dynaudio makes great stuff..i'd stay away from behringers though..they are made cheap and often fall appart after the warranty runs out.
Stretch your budget just a bit (to about $329) and get a pair of the newly designed Event ALP-5 active monitors. They are truly FLAT and honest as they are both the drivers are time aligned (crossover included) as well as the baffle allowing for proper phase relationship of the output. The punch they provide will astound you, but most of all it affords an accurate mix for the majority of what you will play your mix on in the outside. I consider them the best of the best under $500 a pair. In their price range frankly they blow everything else out of the water........