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Thread Master drummer: dennis chambers

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1 Master drummer: dennis chambers
Imagine getting to hang out in a world-class studio with a musician many would call the most talented drummer alive. You’ll get an inside look into the life of a MASTER DRUMMER, plus you’ll get to hear him play beats, grooves, and solos that will blow you away. This DVD is a must for any Musician, Songwriter, DJ, Drummer (especially), or Music enthusiasts.

• Drumming
You'll get a front row seat to watch a world class drummer take you through different techniques and styles of music. Even if you are not a musician you will enjoy hearing this incredible drummer play with power, authority, and individuality...there are few drummers with this level of mastery.

• Stories
Hear amazing stories from a musician that has played in every corner of the world, and has worked with many of the greatest musical artists of our time. From James Brown, P-Funk, Steely Dan, to Dr Dre and Santana...Dennis Chambers has stories that will take you backstage into the life of a professional drummer.

• Drum and Bass
This DVD includes several amazing jams with bass player Benny Rietveld, an extremely talented musician that has worked with Santana, Miles Davis, Booker T Jones, Sheila E, and many more. Check out the one of the most powerful rhythm sections (drum and bass) in the music industry as they let lose in a top notch recording studio.

• LOTS of Special Features
If you are at all interested in music you will love the special features. Learn tips and tricks from Dennis regarding recording, dissecting a drum beat, how to work in a professional band, and enjoy more great stories and...of course...lot of extra musical performances!

MASTER DRUMMER: DENNIS CHAMBERS DVD will help you accomplish all this and you can view this DVD plus many more great titles about Pro Tools on Secrets of the Pro's website:

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