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Thread Home recording studio

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1 Home recording studio
Hello i have started building my own home recording studio. I make hiphop trance hard dance house . all most every genre. My dream is to become a big producer.

but i cant find a name for my studio... can someone please help me :) thanks
Www.nikmanto - Danish guides too almost every music pogram
How about "My Dream" Studio :)
Yeah that sounds nide thanks :) but please if you have then come with some more names i wanna get inspired :) thanks
Www.nikmanto - Danish guides too almost every music pogram
My studio has been called Tweek Sound and Mastering for about 11 years now.
Sometimes I think up a name that I think would be great but I'm afraid to change it cause it's my only link to possible clients who've seen the name and recognize it.

If I think of any good ones I'll let you know, but here are a few off the top of my head. You may want to check the net to see if they're taken though.

Legendary Studios
Legendary Sound
Fluorescent Studios
Back light Studios
Black light Studios
Azimuth Studios

Maybe your last name? (ie. Marcil Sound and Mastering)

But a bit of advice,... a name isn't going to bring in the clients or sell your productsor services.
You might want to spend less time working on a name and more time recording and mixing.

IF you've got the skills, people won't care what you call yourself.
Gateway Mastering? I don't care if it's Milky way Mastering! I want my next CD mastered by Ludwig!
Matthew Marcil