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Thread After advice with DAW's and multitrack recording

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Topic After advice with DAW's and multitrack recording
Hi Im Ryan

Im thinking of buying the Phonic Helix Board 18 FireWire MKII
I only am able to use a laptop, but my aim is to be able to do multitrack recording with seperation of tracks,(like drums) which I can then edit in a DAW like cubase for eg.

I took a read of the manual of the Helix Board and it comes with cubase le. Thats great for me but it only allows 4 tracks to be sent individually at a time and so demands a higher DAW for more tracks (Im after 8 or more)

I dont really want to spend a lot of money on the software and I guess here is the problem. So im really looking for a DAW that allows for simultaneous multitrack possabilities. Thats affordable.

...Or and heres the twist to the question am i going about this in the wrong way? Is there another option?

ANY help on this would be awesome