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Thread Which microphone for recording vocals?

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1 Which microphone for recording vocals?
Hi everyone, just joined the forum as it looks a great place to get info about recording.

I want to start recording my own songs properly after my A levels are over (only a few more months!), ive done some over the past year or so but ive only got 2 small condenser mics. I want to get some more equipment so i get better quality for the songs, and the next thing ive decided to get is a large diaphragm microphone for recording vocals.

Only thing is is that im on a pretty tight budget (bought £100, or lower!), so which microphone does everyone think i should get?

Cheers everyone! :)
Studio Projects B1 is great value.
sounds tight and really quite cheap.

MANN M21 is nice but maybe a little dull for male vocals.