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Thread Oldschool Hip Hop Home Studio

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1 Oldschool Hip Hop Home Studio
Hollah y'all! Am Junior, new to this forum, I was directed here by a friend of mine.

Anyways, to the topic.

I'm buildin a home studio for oldschool/jazzy Hip Hop music production. I've been rappin since I was 6-7 years old and a thing I've noticed is that, almost nobody makes real beats no more. So I decided to start makin beats maself. And to be able to record whenever I want instead of paying for studio time, I'm going to make my own home studio.

This is what I'm planning to buy for ma studio:

Sound Module/Synth: Roland XP-50
Recorder: Haven't decided yet...
Turntable: Haven't decided yet... this isn't really necessary but I plan on gettin one eventually
Mic: I've got a Rode NT1-A mic
And am also gonna get some studio headphones/speakers. I've got a place to build my studio (and sound isolation)

Does this seem like a good choice of set? Am I missing anything? Remember I'm really new at this so if you've got any tips I'd appreciate it

Peace! Junior
Ok, you seem to have every thing thought out. You might add a few spliffs. I'm just kidding, however there is really not much for me to say, in terms of equipment. Just Do Your Thing.
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ofcourse am gonna have naked chicks and some green - na am sayin? dimmed lights n shit... mdr
"Real beats anymore????" Things are moving forward as usual...Its ok to grow. It's not your daddy's hip hop anymore.  But once your ready to make music I wanna hear it!

It sounds like your off to a good start. Don't worry about too many details. Get some 1200's, a nice tube mic over 600.00 and an ill mic pre and stereo compressor Universal Audio; Neve; vintech; SSL exrack filled up.. To name a few. Don't skimp on sound the creativity will always be there once you begin experimenting....

You can check me @ www.realrawmusic.com and one of my artists www.pblackmusic.com

Take care!