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Thread I need advice my homestudio!

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1 I need advice my homestudio!
I have my little homestudio in the basement of our house, and I'm not sure if I have everything I need to record what I want.

I have:

- Computer (Asus with 190 GB)
- Creative Speakers
- Guitar Rig Session I/O (with plugins like Guitar Rig 3, Kore Player and Kore Soundpack)
- Cubase LE 4
- Arkon Wireless Headset
- Behringer Xenyx 1002 mixer (2 mic inputs, 2 instrument inputs and 10 line inputs)
- Guitar, bass, dynamic microphone and a bad Yamaha keyboard

What I currently know, is that I'm going to buy an electric drum kit, but I don't know if there is necessary to buy anything more.

Hope for response

Bjørnar M. | Nothings Better Than Music
Well sounds to me you have alot already, but if your looking for more softwares and that's exactually free. I'm a member of thie site called recycledsoundlab.ning.com where other producers and artist exchange free softwares and other things you can use for your studio. But I can say this, all I'm using is a 512mb 120gb compaq computer (which I need a new one), two bookshelf 100 watt sony speakers, 1 66 key midi keyboard, 1 audio technica mic, and of coarse protools 8 along with fruity loops 9 for my pre production. Hit me back at myspace.com/vsmoove if you have any more advice.
Hi Bjoernar95,
It really depends on what you are trying to record.  Right now it seems like you have enough to do some basic recordings for sure.  Is there anything in particular that you are looking to do?
Well, I'm first of all looking for an electric drumkit, and maybe a mixer
Any tips?

Oh, and thanks for the advice about trading softwares, but the page didn't work.
Bjørnar M. | Nothings Better Than Music