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Thread BR 1180 Help

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1 BR 1180 Help
I just got a Boss BR1180 from a friend.  I have an akai xr20 drum machine that I want to play and record into the BR1180.  How do I do this? What cords do I need? I have the MIDI IN going into the akai xr20 and the MIDI OUT going into the BR1180.  On the akai xr20, I set DRUMOUT to on, as well as MIDITHRU on.  I then pressed yes to "send midi out?" This makes a connection between the akai and the computer when I tried to use the two together, but not with the BR1180 and the akai xr20 (that i can see)

I used a cord from my guitar to my amp and also tried to connect the BR1180 with the akai xr20 that way.  When i turned off and on the akai, it showed that there was a connection to the BR1180 because the peak light was lighting up when i turned it on and off.