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Thread Want to learn to record and mix like a pro ?

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1 Want to learn to record and mix like a pro ?

Quote: “These DVDs are well formatted and easy to understand. Simply a must for anyone with a recording set up. Crucial info about setting up your studio and acoustics…specifics about tracking guitars, vocals, drums, and MIDI: Ken covers it all.”

Jason Stokes
Recording engineer, engineer, musician
2001 Grammy Award® - Rap Album of the Year - Outkast's Stankonia
Also: R.E.M., Toni Braxton, Matchbox 20, Mariah Carey

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You don’t need a lot of money to create professional recordings, but you do need the expertise. Secrets of the Pros will speed you through years of trial and error so you can focus on creating music instead of spending all your time trying to figure out the best way to make the gear work.

• Mixing
Techniques to vastly improve your mixes

• The Big Secret
Acoustics and how to set up a studio. This chapter features one of the world's top studio designers talking about cutting edge, inexpensive ways to set up your studio

• Preamps
What they are and why they are extremely important

• Typical signal routing scenarios

• Loops
How to work them into your music

• Professional standard techniques for:
- Recording vocals
- Recording drums
- Recording bass guitar
- Recording electric & acoustic guitar
- Keyboards, synths & MIDI
- Much more

Modern Recording and Mixing DVD will help you accomplish all this and you can view this DVD plus many more great titles about Pro Tools on Secrets of the Pro's website: