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Thread Needs Guidence With Axiom Pro 49 connection To Logic Studio 9

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1 Needs Guidence With Axiom Pro 49 connection To Logic Studio 9

Hi was just Wondering

When on Logic Pro 9 after Prefrences / Control Surfaces / Setup on that page on the left it shows my Axiom Pro and where it says Version it says (unknown) and Underneath It It Says Control Surface Group 2 is that normal.

Also in the big right box there is Two icons One Says RECORDING in red and says Recording Light and the other is the Axiom Pro Picture.. is that normal.

Also i cant get sound from the Axiom Pro 49.

Thank You So Much For Your Time.

My Setup s MacBook Pro 15inch 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 and and Axiom Pro 49. Running Logic 9.

I asked the question on Logic Fourm But they werent very much help but here the link it has a screen shot of what im talking about too.




This won't be of much help, but often times with my axiom board the sound simply has stopped working.  I noticed that the usb connection on the keyboard or whatever you are using becomes loose and signals are not sent back and forth.  Also, as far as I am aware you simply plug in your axiom keyboard and it should work.  But, like you said in your post, some times you can not get any sound.  To tell you the truth I have no idea why and this happens to me also quite a bit.  One second it is working, the next no signal is being sent to Logic at all.  I usually try restarting my computer, opening logic and have every thing in proper order and then I turn on the keyboard (with the USB cord already plugged in).


I know this is not much help, but I hope it can give you some insight into the difficulties you are having friend.