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Thread Comments about DC Offset: The Case of the Missing Headroom

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Topic Comments about DC Offset: The Case of the Missing Headroom
It was a dark and stormy night. I was rudely awakened at 3 AM by the ringing of a phone, pounding my brain like a jackhammer that spent way too much time chowing down at Starbucks. The voice on the other end was Pinky the engineer, and he sounded as panicked as a banana slug in a salt mine. "Anderton, some headroom's missing. Vanished. I can't master one track as hot as the others on the Kiss of Death CD. Checked out the usual suspects, but they're all clean. You gotta help."

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If your A/D converter exhibits more than 0.1dB of DC offset, it's a very poor one. You shoul change it. That's not the key point for hot tracks. Inserting a high pass filter just leads to clean up some dBs in the infra frequencies, which leaves more place for music. It also kills the DC offset that is only a collateral victim. My two cents...

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