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Thread Behringer MX882 ULTRALINK PRO

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1 Behringer MX882 ULTRALINK PRO
Hello, I work in a small radio station and having a problem with the Behringer MX882 ULTRALINK PRO.

Before we had our internet feed direct from the main mixer in studio 1, but lately we have got our studio 2 ready to broadcast live, so we bought the Behringer MX882 ULTRALINK PRO to bring both internet feeds together.

The problem I am having is that the Internet feed sounds tinny and the levels on channel 5 + 6 are really small.

here is how I have it hooked up.

Channel 1+2 Input, Mixer on (Studio 1 Mixing Desk)
Channel 3+4 Input, Mixer on (Studio 2 Mixing Desk)
Channel 5+6 Output, Slitter on (this outputs to our Internet feed PC)

Channel 1+2+3+4 have a nice Input level
Channel 5+6 have a weak level (one light flickering on and off) and the over all sound is tinny.

Can anyone help me sort this out?

Thank Craig.